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Lions’ 2014 Schedule

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All times are MST. Doors open 45 minutes  before game time.

Regular1Sat.April 12th7pmHomeVancouver RiptideL 28-13700
Regular1Sun.April 13th12pmHomeVancouver RiptideL 21-12120 (Severe weather)
Regular2Sat.April 19th2pmAwaySan Francisco FlameThrowersL 9-32-
Regular2Sun.April 20th2pmAwaySan Jose SpidersL 18-37-
Regular3Sat.April 26th6pmHomeSan Jose SpidersL 31-20190 (Severe weather)
Regular5Sat.May 10th6pmHomeSan Francisco FlameThrowersL 19-16370 (Severe weather)
Regular6Sat.May 17th6pmAwayVancouver RiptideL 28-40-
Regular6Sun.May 18th1pmAwaySeattle RaptorsL 13-26-
Regular8Sat.May 31st6pmHomeSeattle RaptorsL 22-15554
Regular9Sat.June 7th6pmAwayVancouver RiptideL 9-37
Regular9Sun.June 8th1pmAwaySeattle RaptorsL 11-35
Regular11Sat.June 21st6pmHomeSan Francisco FlameThrowersL 31-22523
Regular11Sun.June 22nd12pmHomeSan Francisco FlameThrowersL 33-24107
Regular12Sat.June 28th8pmAwaySan Jose SpidersL 12-37
Playoff15Sat.July 19th---The Lions did not make the playoffs in 2014.---
Playoff15Sun.July 20th---The Lions did not make the playoffs in 2014.---
Championship16Sat.July 26th---The Lions did not make the playoffs in 2014.---
Championship16Sun.July 27th---The Lions did not make the playoffs in 2014.---